Water Grid – Mission Bhageeratha

The year 2016 brought us one of the most challenging and exciting opportunity to work for the Government of Telangana and principal contractor MEIL for Mission Bhagiratha, a 24/7 drinking water supply project.

Our task was to provide the transmission system which in turn, would be used to provide 24/7 drinking water to 55 Mandals and 9 Municipalities of Mahabubnagar District – Manyamkonda Segment.

The project execution was overseen by the Telangana Drinking Water Supply Project (TDWSP), a representative of the Govt. of Telangana.

This prestigious project had been allotted a stipulated time period of 36 months until delivery. This required a detailed planning and appropriate allocation of resources to ensure steady progress, timely delivery, and quality work.

So we handpicked our best, highly qualified resources who have always had a reputation for punching above their weight.

A team of 20 members which consisted of Project Managers, Engineers, Coordinators and Executives was led by a senior civil engineer with an experience spanning over 25 years in the field.

Salient features of 24/7 Drinking water project

        1. DI Pipe Pressure Line range from 1000 mm Dia to 100mm Dia – 164 Km
        2. DI Pipe Gravity Line range from 1000 mm Dia to 100mm Dia – 147 Km
        3. HDPE Gravity Line range from 280 mm Dia to 75mm Dia – 707 Km
        4. Varies Valves range from 700mm Dia to 50mm Dia – 3030 Nos
        5. Major crossing like Railways and Highway Roads crossings- 40 Nos
        6. Minor Crossings like roads and Irrigation channel Crossings – 50 Nos
        7. RCC Service Reservoirs range from 1.9 million Liters to 0.04 million Litters – 31 Nos.
        8. Pump Houses – 6 Nos.
        9. Staff Quarters – 450 Sqr. Metres.

Our strong network of highly trusted vendors was pivotal here. We reached out to our long-time associates for the huge requirement of DI pipes, HDPE pipes, and specials, Valves, Duct pipes, steel, and cement.

The hard work, smart tactics and endless dedication of our efficient team  brought us to a point where we completed the project within 15 months.